We believe that our strong work ethic and down-to-earth friendliness contribute to great working relationships with our customers.  You'll find us easy to work with, professional, creative, and responsive.


With faith in God, the management of Monarch Plastics is committed to doing our part to strengthen and grow American manufacturing in the Plastic and Aluminum Composite Fabrication field.  We do this first and foremost by providing exceptional customer service and top-notch engineering capabilities as we work together with our clients to develop and fabricate high quality custom (one of a kind) products that represent their design concept and vision while meeting tight deadlines.  We consistently keep growth and change at the forefront of our business by routinely assessing, adding to, and improving upon our fabrication services in order for our clients to stay ahead of the curve.


To be the "go-to" Plastic and Aluminum Composite Fabrication Manufacturer on the East Coast and satisfy the ever-changing needs of our customers with value added products and services, emphasizing a continuous commitment to satisfaction through an ongoing process of education, communication, evaluation, and constant improvement.


  • Client Driven.
  • Exceptional Customer Service.
  • Quality Products.
  • Continual Improvement.

In Loving Memory of the gentle giant who roamed the front halls and offices making sure everyone had a reason to smile each day.

Captain "Cappy"
CHO - Chief Happiness Officer

Senior Greeter

Greeter In Training

In Charge of Breaks

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