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Monarch Plastics has a state of the art computer graphics department with a highly trained staff.  We support both Macintosh and PC file types.  Please send all files associated with your document including fonts and linked artwork. Most publishing programs include a "collect" or "package for output" function that will save a complete set of files for a given document.  Reverse type should not be smaller than 8 point.
In order to maintain an efficient workflow and better meet your need, we request that you send
electronic files in the following formats:
​Photoshop CSS
We prefer .eps or .tif.  Save files in CMYK mode, as RGB mode may produce unexpected results.  Minimum dpi should be 300 (600 is preferred) for images reproduced at 100 percent of original size.  Enlargements should be higher resolution.  Setting type in Photoshop is not recommended, but if you must set type in Photoshop, please make sure that all type layers remain and include all font files used.  Maximum total ink density should be set to 280 for all Photoshop files.
InDesign CS5.5
InDesign is the preferred page layout program.We can accept CS5 and older versions.
Please feel free to contact us 
with any questions you may
have before designing a project or
submitting files to us to help
eliminate any problems in the 
printing process.
We look forward to working
with you!

Design - x 212
Prepress - x 211
We utilize a PDF workflow but we strongly recommend contacting us before sending 
a PDF as there are many ways to save a PDF and not all are print friendly.
Quark Xpress 9
Quark Xpress 9 or below is and acceptable format.
Illustrator CS5
The preferred format for all files.  Whenever fonts are not available, please convert  all type to outlines.  Output resolution should be 2400 dpi.  Save all files as post-script level 2 .eps.