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Counter Mats
Build brand recognition and deliver a protective surface in high-traffic areas to show merchandise, take cash, make change, write orders, or complete credit card vouchers.
Deliver Targeted Marketing
Build Brand Recognition
Generate Impulse Sales
All sizes, shapes and base materials available dependent upon your specific application.
  • Standard with foam backing.
  • Thin rubberized back.
  • Two sided non-skid surface which allows you to change the ad by simply flipping it over.
  • Window mats allow for frequently changing promotions and messages.
  • Dry erase surface, providing you the ability to change prices or information.
  • Repositionable with an adhesive back, providing low profile and stability.
  • Magnetic backed.

Great at the Services or Check out counters.  Auto Parts Stores, Building Supply, Grocery Stores,
Hardware, Restaurants, Sports Bars, and much more...
Link messages from your website to bring 
together the online and in-store presence.
Advertising at the Point of Sale
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